Lived experience and practical advice for accessibility and inclusion

A holistic approach incorporating the needs of many users and sustainable solutions

Husband and wife, Brad and Jenn Bartko, are the founders of disabilityABD. They’re on a mission to create a barrier-free world, so that the people after them will experience inclusivity.

Brad Bartko

Brad was born three months premature with a prognosis of 24 hours to live. The doctors told Brad’s parents that if he did survive he would not talk, walk or be a contributing member to society. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Brad just celebrated his 30th birthday in 2023.

He has lived his life in a world that is not built for him

Brad has faced many challenges and obstacles that most could never imagine, but despite the struggles he has persevered and is here today to make a change. His goal is that through his story, others will find hope and inspiration, and become aware of the struggles that the disability community faces daily.

“It’s time for a change.  It’s not about ME, it’s all about WE.”

Brad Bartko

Brad, the recipient of the 2022 Queen Platinum Jubilee medal, is a wheelchair user and his lived experience with accessibility allows him to paint the picture for businesses and organizations of where there are gaps and concerns in their buildings. He is also often called upon to speak to the media or to be a speaker at events on the issue of accessibility and inclusion. 

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Jenn Bartko

Jenn brings an extensive background in construction and in building codes. As a journeyman carpenter with years in project management experience, Jenn has always had a passion for barrier-free code requirements. Having been with Brad since 2012, Jen sees the struggles Brad experiences daily and has been a witness as a support caregiver and spouse. 

Her career within the construction industry provides her with an extensive understanding of the construction process. She has worked with designs and drawings to ensure accessibility code requirements are being met in the design phase, before construction begins. Jenn is also able to review existing structures to determine requirements for adding to an existing space. 

Brad and Jenn Bartko bring real solutions to businesses and organizations so they can implement change and become more accessible and inclusive. They employ universal design principles in all reviews and training as a baseline, keeping building codes in mind. Their goal is to assess and review all spaces through the eyes of users who have a range of disabilities and provide a more inclusive experience for as many people as possible. 

Brad and Jenn partner with and support many other organizations:

HOPE campaign

Hope means to US; Help One Person Everyday

This is the slogan we live by. This is our charity to give back to the disability community in small ways to help elevate some of the daily struggles a person may face every day. The HOPE campaign this is not yet registered as a charity but will be by the end of next. 

Kopar: Employability 

Kopar Administration Ltd.

We work with KOPAR to help people with disabilities find and keep meaningful employment. Our role with them is as a consultant with lived experience to help bridge the gap between Kopar in their new expansion to Edmonton and local businesses that want to become more inclusive in their workspaces. 

Organizations we work with:

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities


Cerebral Palsy Alberta

Easter Seals

Our Board memberships:

Inclusion Alberta

Cohesive Communities