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Imagine being born into a world that was not designed for you.

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working to improve accessibility by design

Accessibility doesn’t only apply to people with disabilities. There’s the potential that we might all experience some kind of disability as we age, as our well-being is impacted by accidents, illness, while caring for family and children, etc.

disabilityABD is led by Brad Bartko, who’s lived experience allows him to provide practical advice for accessibility and inclusion. As a person with a disability, he knows first hand just how difficult is can be to enter a building, visit parks, or even get seated at a restaurant.

Many accessibility consultants are able-bodied. They may not have the real-life understanding that people with disabilities do. Brad’s lived experience makes him a more reliable and reputable consultation option.

We engaged Brad to assess our restaurant and to create awareness with our managers and servers on accessibility and inclusion. Our staff learned a great deal from our session with him. He’s really there to help owners and operators with education and awareness, and to provide practical solutions. 

Jason Borle, Hudsons Canada’s Pub

Thank you to each & every one of you for helping to make a more inclusive world for all.

Business Services

Accessibility & Inclusion Assessment

Uncover gaps in your accessibility approach.

Most business owners and organizations want to be inclusive and believe they have created an accessible space. However, an entire community and the largest minority on the planet are mostly excluded from their venues. Through lived experience and understanding of other accessibility needs, we build awareness of what’s missing for this community to be able to access your building. 

Younger generations are much more socially conscious — they want to see inclusion and diversity in the places they frequent. Build for the future by making your building more inclusive which will attract new business and visitors now and tomorrow.

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working to improve accessibility by design

Business Services

Structural Design Review

Practical advice and plan creation

Full-scale change isn’t possible for most organizations. After site drawing and pre-existing construction upgrade reviews, we work with you to create a plan for becoming more inclusive that fits within your budget and timelines. 

We provide support throughout the process as well as in the future.

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Business Services

Staff Training

A better experience for both sides

An open and interactive experience to help your staff be more aware and comfortable with people with disability needs. By improving communication with customers who have accessibility issues, your venue will elevate its brand and attract a new audience. 

Hiring individuals with disabilities in your workplace

We are here to help your employees to provide a better service and to make their jobs easier. 

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working to improve accessibility by design

Speaking Services

Advocacy, Accessibility and Inclusion

BOOK Brad to speak at your corporate, school, government and organizational events.

Brad speaks on his life story of living with a disability. He shares with his audience the real-life experience of the struggles along with why accessibility is so important for inclusivity and what it means to have meaningful representation in this world through education/awareness. 

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Upcoming engagements:

  • PWC- Oct.25, Edmonton, Education and Awareness for people with disabilities
  • Kopar- Sept.25, Prince George and Oct. 26, Edmonton, Inclusion in workplaces, and benefits of hiring persons with disabilities and Brad’s story
  • Disability Panel at the UofA- Oct.23, Edmonton
  • DEAM Conference October 26, Edmonton
  • National Disability Day- Dec. 3, Spruce Grove, Brad’s story
  • Human Rights Conference- Dec.4 (Online)

At disabilityABD, our goal is help your business. By working with us, you can:

  • Elevate communication and the environment to create an inclusive and comfortable environment for all.  
  • Create a positive experience for clients or customers with accessibility needs
  • Open the door to more customers or visitors
  • Increase your bottom line
brad and jenn

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Working with Brad and Jenn was such a positive experience. Our municipality brought them in to consult on a new public facility we were building, as inclusivity is a priority in our Strategic Plan. It was an incredible benefit for us to both confirm some of our design plans and identify some additional opportunities to enhance those plans.  Engaging disabilityABD was a tremendous success and we were able to implement or respond to their recommendations.

Client, Municipal Government